Every year, the world of interior design always changes styles to meet market tastes. Lately, interior designs that are rich in colors, shapes and textures have begun to trend among people who want a new design style that is not boring.

This new design style that is richer in color, shape and texture is thought to provide a more relaxed feel that is entertaining, fun and relaxing.

Here are some of the latest design trends in the world of interior design:

1. Paint Color – There are two streams of paint color selection that are starting to trend in 2021. You can choose natural colors or choose striking paint colors. If you want a warm and natural color look, then choose the paint color with green leaf tones or red earth. But if you want to look bold with a more striking room color, then you can use paint with a bright purple or yellow color tone.

2. Furniture – After choosing paint, the next step is to choose the right furniture. Furniture is not just equipment to help with our daily activities but also can beautify and give a certain nuance. In 2021, the trend for Indonesian furniture will lead to furniture made of natural materials such as wood, rattan and stone. Furniture made from woven fabrics is also starting to return to trend along with the strengthening of Indonesian people’s interest in vintage and retro-style designs.

3. Room divider – Increasingly expensive property prices and narrow space make Indonesians increasingly like the open design concept where every room is connected to each other without wall restrictions. However, this open design concept can obscure the function of a room so that the use of the room divider is intended to reinforce the boundaries between spaces. Fortunately, currently in Indonesia, you can easily find various types of room dividers made of various types of materials with very attractive designs.

There are 3 important elements that you need to pay attention to in this 2021 design trend. Make sure you pay attention to the harmony in these 3 elements to create a beautiful and unique design.

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